Ketone peroxides

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Rooted in our founders’ extensive experience in the technical field and in sales, Promox started its operations in 1985 in its Leggiuno plant, by Varese (Italy).

Ketone peroxides are widely used in curing unsaturated polyester resins, in that they allow polymerisation at room temperature and without the need of pressure or heat.

Unsaturated polyester resins are, among plastics, the easiest to polymerise without the need for high temperature or pressure: this is why they have found applications in numerous sectors.

Our many formulations of ketone peroxides have been perfected and customised so as to respond to the needs of the sector and its many production cycles. Our quality and the broad range of our products available today, together with qualified technical customer service offered to the clients, make of Promox the ideal partner for solving existing issues and for the development of new technologies in the field of unsaturated polyester resins.

Promox promoted peracetic acid in Italy as an innovative and effective alternative to other oxidisers/disinfectants which, as recent technical scientific research demonstrated, show limits in applications, manipulation and dosing, and have a strong impact on human health and the environment.

PAA is an organic peroxide containing, in its molecule, the typical functional group (-O-O-), giving it specific physical and chemical properties. The molecule is obtained, in general, by reacting acetic acid with hydrogen peroxide, until the desired balance is reached. Hydrogen peroxide frees oxidising ions which react, in a controlled environment, with acetic acid to form peracetic acid.

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Tutti i Perossidi Organici devono essere manipolati, sempre, da personale qualificato e provvisto dei necessari DPI quali: occhiali, guanti, maschera di protezione. Le formulazioni presenti in commercio sono state opportunamente studiate per ridurre al minimo i rischi per gli operatori del settore. Pur tuttavia tali formulazioni sono sensibili e devono essere maneggiate con cura e con le opportune precauzioni.


Regulations concerning stocking and how to create a stocking site vary, overall, from country to country. It is essential to verify specific national rules and regulations with local authorities.


Ensure that the working environment has adequate ventilation, in order to keep a low concentration of the product in the air. Good local ventilation and a good system of air exchange are necessary. If such measures are not enough to keep the gas concentration below the exposure limit, adequate protective equipment for the respiratory system is necessary.


Given the aggressive features of certain organic peroxides, it is generally necessary to avoid skin contact.


Organic Peroxides are relatively unstable compounds which can decompose spontaneously and, under certain conditions, can be explosive.


Promox Peracetic Acid solutions are very stable at normal stocking conditions, but may decompose rapidly when in contact with unsuitable materials or incompatible substances.


Once under combustion, most organic peroxides produce strong flames. An organic peroxide’s flash point is merely nominal when the compound is kept at a lower temperature than that at which the organic peroxide starts decomposing because of its thermal instability.


All organic peroxides have to be manipulated, at all times, by qualified staff provided with necessary PPE such as: goggles, gloves and face mask. Formulations on the market have been purposely developed to reduce to the minimum risks for staff working in the sector, during the various phase of the product’s life: stocking, transport and manipulation.


Ketone peroxides are transported in an ad-hoc separate category: 5.2.


All peracetic acid solutions have to be transported in purposely and specifically homologated packaging or tanks.

We take care of the process in great detail.

Customer service.

Promox offers advanced technological solutions to stock, dose and mix its formulations: metal tanks which isolate and safely preserve products, and which are equipped with control and management systems; security and/or alarm systems; monitoring systems, automatic sampling and/or dosing.