Our History

Promox has been active in the organic peroxides sector for over a quarter of a century; we opened in 1985 in the town of Leggiuno (Varese, Italy), thanks to our founders’ extensive experience in the technical field and in sales.


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Peroxy Acids

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Initially, our activities focused on the production of ketone peroxides used in cross-linking unsaturated polyester resins at room temperature.

In 1988, Promox started an expansion programme and developed an internal know-how for the synthesis of peracetic acid solutions in aqueous solutions. At the same time, we worked on developing applications and new innovative uses.

Throughout 2008, Promox opened its new plant for the synthesis of organic peroxides, in the same area of Leggiuno and in close proximity to its original headquarters.

The new plant is built in compliance with the most rigorous and recent regulations in terms of Quality, Safety and Environmental Protection. It was planned and developed with the aim to prevent and reduce environmental impact, prevent and reduce risks for the health and safety of our staff.

Both plants obtained the Integrated Environmental Authorization, a certificate that enables such types of manufacture to conduct their operations. The certificate enforces rules aiming to avoid and/or reduce air, water and soil pollution; the use of the most efficient available technologies allow for a high level of safety for humans and the environment as a whole.

Dialogue between our experts and customers, research aimed to satisfy our clients’ needs and the high-quality of our products and of relevant production and logistic processes are what drives us incessantly, and the daily goal of our activities.